EHR system powered by Salesforce

Elixir is the only Electronic Health Record (EHR) system developed on Salesforce Platform for Treatment Centers. Unlike Kipu, Zenchar and Epic, Elixir EHR system is completely native to Salesforce, built on Salesforce Health Cloud and does not require Salesforce EHR integration.

This Salesforce EHR system is designed by Salesforce experts and Treatment Center Industry veterans. Just like Salesforce, the Elixir EHR system is completely configurable, extensively customizable and has an easy integration process with your systems.

Patient Intake Process
Patient Intake Process
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Patient Intake Process

Elixir helps the treatment centres in gathering information from initial interactions (in form of campaigns, leads and pre-assessments) with the potential patients. This helps the facility to do frequent follow ups ensuring increased admissions and providing effective guidance to the patients helping them recover. Read more...

Elixir allows the facility to monitor the patients on regular basis for their basic coverage information and any lapse in the coverage. The verification of benefits (VOB) details includes the information of the payer along with the contact details for direct confirmation. Show less...

Bed Management

Elixir offers the treatment centre staff to stay organized and have a bird’s eye view of the bed-allocation across rooms and houses in the facility. It also allows you to see total, occupied and unassigned beds for each room and house in your facility. A single view allows you to manage your bed-allocations across multiple treatment centres or locations. It also gives you the census of the admitted or admitting different gender patients in gender specific rooms or houses. Read more...

Elixir lets your care team stay on top of planned admissions and discharges for the day. This helps them co-ordinate their tasks for admitting or discharging a patient. It also allows bed-allotment for the upcoming patients by checking the future availability of beds and rooms. Show less...


Elixir takes care of all the different kinds of assessment needs for a Treatment centre. These includes H & P assessment, Nursing Assessment, Bio Psych Social, Special Assessments, Case Management assessment, UR Reviews etc. All these assessments help the treatment centre remain planned and organized avoiding any possible confusion.

Care Plans

Elixir EMR helps your care team in providing better care to the patients. These care plans are structured with a patient centric approach. They are focused on the patient’s short and long-term needs, the recovery approach and the staff members who are responsible for each part of the plan. Read more...

Care plans can be shared to all the care team members involved in the recovery of the patient. The care team involves the family, friends and staff. This helps in taking good care of the patient, facilitating communication and tracking real time status of the patient. Show less...

Prescription Management

Elixir provides integration with Surescipts using which drug prescriptions becomes quite easy and quick. Electronic Medical Administration Record (eMAR) is available for the treatment centre staff helping them in taking care of the record of all the drugs administered to a patient.

Discharge and Alumni Management

Elixir reminds you to complete all the pre-discharge procedures well in time, helping the hospital staff in coordinating the discharge tasks and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free discharge process for the patient. It automatically updates the bed inventory for future bed allocations. In case the discharge of the patient is delayed due to any medical condition, Elixir can take care of the re-assignment of bed in case the same bed in not available. Read more...

Building good relationships and providing better experience to the patients is an important part of the treatment journey. Elixir allows the facility to be in touch with the alumni patients. Patient follow-ups helps the treatment centre to be in touch with the alumni patients. Show less...

Inventory Management

Help your patients in securing their belongings. Elixir lets the admin staff maintain a list of patient possessions submitted to the treatment centre at the time of admission. Photos of the items can also be maintained for ease of verifying the items at the time of discharge.

The copy of the form with all the relevant information can be downloaded and given to the patient as a receipt.

Medical Coding

Elixir helps in transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. Elixir allows the Medical coding professionals to ensure the ICD and CPT codes are applied correctly for smooth medical billing process.

This includes abstracting the information from documentation, assigning the appropriate codes, and creating a claim to be paid by insurance carriers.

Medical Billing

Elixir provides integration with CollaborateMD for the end to end billing process. Our integration with CollaborateMD ensures a smooth claim process with real time claim submission and visibility.


Salesforce reporting have always proved to be a powerful tool to help you gain meaningful insights and act accordingly.Elixir provides some of the out of box reports and dashboards that can let you know the complete information of each patient and in which room of which house he resides in along with the length of stay. You can build your own reports according to any criteria you wish for. These reports can also be exported out of salesforce and they can also be scheduled to be sent automatically to people.